„Delay not, what you can do today“ (african proverb)

Kunyumba is a day care centre in Malawi for all types of vulnerable children; whether they are disabled, suffering from medical problems, orphaned or from difficult home situations. It is located at the Lake Malawi in a village called Senga Bay.

Kunyumba aims to provide individually tailored care within the local community, which means supporting the children, their families and the staff.

Kunyumba takes a focused and resource-intensive approach to individual care, believing in quality above quantity
Kunyumba’s doors are to be kept as wide open as possible, which means taking care of vulnerable children of all religions, social origins and state of health.

Kunyumba’s aims are:
•    To address the children’s basic needs of health, hygiene and nutrition
•    To give the children back their childhood, allowing them to discover some of their lost innocence and enjoyment of the world in an emotionally stable environment
•    To maximise each child’s individual capacity and fulfil their potential within society

 Kunyumba’s core values (which should influence everything that happens in and around the project) are:  
•    Normalization: helping the children to engage with the rhythms of daily life
•    Socialization: Social integration through education based on a valid set of values to help the children to find a place in society
•    Acceptation: helping everybody to accept each other for who they are   
•    Empowerment: focusing on possibilities rather than on limitations

Kunyumba is about learning from each other, dialogue is paramount and we value input from everyone without judgement
Kunyumba’s goal is to become a long-term and sustainable project run by local Malawians