Newsletter May 2011

Under a perfect blue sky, the never ending crow of the neighbouring cockerels drowns the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping the shore of the lake.
Enjoying the pleasant cool breeze, we put up with the strong smell it carries as it sweeps over thousands of micro fish (Usipa), which are drying in the sun, not far from us, spread out on large wooden racks. We’re back again - in Malawi – in Kunyumba.
Exactly one year ago, we flew home with mixed feelings, knowing that Maike was leaving to England and we would be leaving Kunyumba in the hands of local management.

However we can now convince ourselves as we see it with our own eyes: Everything is running perfectly. I am firmly convinced that Peter is a gift from God to Kunyumba. His quiet authority and his friendly, but consistent manner have a very positive effect on all the children. Even Ibrahim, who nobody has been able to handle until now, behaves properly.
Mery, who was only known with a shaved head because of an unidentified dermatitis on her scalp, now has a naturally grown short hair cut. Peter found a clinic which not only made a correct diagnosis but also prescribed an effective cream.
There is also good news regarding Joyce. Her repetitive epileptic fits have not made an appearance in a long time since Peter personally makes sure that she takes her medication regularly.
And as for Sem, the change in him is truly outstanding, since he has become a member of Peter’s family. This serious, almost adult-looking boy greets us without hanging his head. With shining eyes, he now confidently holds the gaze of the person facing him. When his aunt wishes to pay him an occasional visit, he hides and nobody can talk him into coming out of his hiding place.
Now we have to wait and see if his emotional stability can maybe help him with his learning impairment.
A few days a week, Kettie teaches the children English in the garden. It’s sad to see how difficult it is for him to learn.
Our children and staff have had health insurance for a few months now – for Malawians it is a luxury to be in possession of an insurance card. Now Kingless can finally go to the dentist and have a much needed dental treatment. Peter is next in line. Sadly, the skills of the neighbourhood dentists do not go beyond pulling out teeth. So we have located a dental clinic in the capital city. We will find out whatever lies behind this concept as we accompany the patient tomorrow.  
Much of what we almost carelessly experience or deal with in Germany turns into an event here, whether it’s going to the dentist or the good news that petrol is available again or simply the sound of the fridge turning on after an extended power failure.

That’s all for today.
Goodbye and see you next year!

Vera Kleinstoll

Kunyumba e.V.
Am Beethovenpark 40
D-50935 Köln