Newsletter May 2021


Dear friends of Kunyumba,

Newsletter May 2021

We are all tired of it. Covid-19 is the main topic everywhere!
On the other hand, I think it is important to inform about how Malawi has fared with the pandemic after Marian Grabowski`s report (Newsletter August 2020).

I would of course much rather refer about a personal visit to Kunyumba, about a long-desired reunion with so many with whom we feel closely connected and about the great construction progress on our property. But unfortunately we have to postpone our trip for an indefinite period.

Malawi is still classified as virus-variant area, making it enormously difficult to travel in and back, because of many restrictions even for those who have been vaccinated.

Contrary to general forecasts, the infection rates in Malawi have fallen just as rapidly since February as they had previously risen at the end of 2020 for the 2nd wave. Due to the unreliable data situation, this can hardly be scientifically proven. According to the aid organisation
“Doctors without Boarders“ the Malawian government's official figures of a total of 34,000 Corona- infected people and 1150 deaths do not even show the peak of the viral iceberg. Most Covid-19 patients die undetectedly of suffocation at home. Even in Malawi's most modern hospital, there is no artificial respiration, no artificial coma. The procurement of medical oxygen alone is an extreme logistical and financial challenge.

There were big promises made by the European Union in April 2020 to ensure globally fair distribution of vaccine. They have not been fulfilled, but instead we only can see national egoism. Nobody knows when the first Malawians will be vaccinated against the virus, because the country can't afford the vaccine. It is dependent on donations.

We are grateful that our manager Peter, our 35 Kunyumba children and all our staff have been spared from the virus so far.

Vera Kleinstoll


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