Newsletter August 2009

'Delay not what you can do today!' is an African proverb which reflects our philosophy, but with so much to do it's difficult to know where to begin! Our aim is to provide some of Malawi´s orphans with a new home (Kunyumba), and support their entire upbringing in cooperation with their relatives and the wider community. We are opening the orphanage on 31st of August 2009, starting in a rented property in Senga Bay close to Salima.

We are now waiting for Kunyumba to be registered as an NGO allowing us to look after children around the clock and since also finding suitable land to build on (and sponsorship) has taken longer than expected, we are opening Kunyumba as a day-care centre and hope to expand soon. In Malawi one of the most frequently heard sayings is 'pangono pangono', and one of the realities of life out here is that everything really does happen slowly slowly.

We are currently renting a house that's both on the lakeshore and in the heart of the village. It's perfect for the children, with lots of outdoor space, and it's such a shame that we can't afford to buy it. In the morning we are woken by fishermen singing as they bring their catch home, and in the afternoon the land grows ever smaller as the locals help themselves to the bricks that act as our garden wall!

Our renovations have so far revolved around human, rather than financial, efforts and the results have been impressive. We have painted the well as half of the flower garden. Each wall inside has been painted a different well as the dogs. The doors and window frames have been varnished, we've had new curtains made (although slightly wonky)...and best of all Kunyumba is filling-up with toys. The next stop is to get some washable flooring tiles, as there are no Pampers in Malawi!

We have also had some help from the local Armed Forces, as they are the only people with a truck that's capable of emptying our septic tank. It's normally used for military purposes, but they have kindly been helping out.

We now have a landline if you would like to get in touch:

00265 1263013

And you can write to us at:

Kunyumba Trust
PO Box 203
Salima, Malawi.

Or visit us at

Thanks to your support we have also been able to hire a nanny called Kingless. Having lost her previous job for being 'too old' Kingless is now looking forward to a new challenge and a regular income. Together we have already planned the daily routine, assigned duties and even planned the daily menus.

We are now counting down the days to our opening party on the 29th August. There's still plenty to organise, but we have ordered a goat and five chickens, and invited the local Madalitso Church Choir.

We will tell you all about the opening in October's newsletter, and we will send some pictures so that you can get a first hand impression of daily life in Kunyumba.

Until then yours sincerely

Maaike & Sarah

Kunyumba e.V.
Am Beethovenpark 40
D-50935 Köln